Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tivo Pushes New Features For High-Def Tivo's

Tivo owner have long enjoyed the best TV time shifting experience available anywhere. Very much a VCR on steroids, Tivo allows its users to watch TV on their own terms. The leader in the market of hard drive personal video recorders (PVR) has once again proven that they won't be left out of the race to be the center or many users home theater systems. With the likes of AppleTV, Playstation3, Xbox360, and Netflix all recently introducing video streaming to their respective hardware platforms, Tivo has forged many positive relationships that has kept them from suffering the fate of its once major competitive rival Replay, which no longer markets PVR hardware. Tivo recently announced a major partnership with Google which will allow Series 3/HD Tivo owners to stream YouTube videos via their Tivo. Couple this major feat with their current Video-On-Demand agreement Tivo has with Amazon Unboxed that give Tivo users the ability to download both current release movies and selected TV shows.

In addition, Tivo has begun rolling out its Summer 2008 software 9.4 update to HD Tivo owners, a major software upgrade that will give users a handful of new features and fixes. Amongst the new features are:

Play Or Delete an Entire Folder of recorded shows
Browse the Guide Anytime-even while watching a recording (you couldn't do this before)
Advance Guide Jump-Allows you to jump 24 hour forward or backwards in the guide.
Find A Station in the Guide using call letters
Closed Caption On-Off Toggle option when viewing the Title information
Review all your Thumb Rated Programs

These updates are specifically for Series 3 and HD Tivo units only. Other updates are in the works for Series 1 & 2 standard definition Tivo units, however it is not known how many of these new features will trickle down to those boxes. However given the trend in high definition TV's and hardware, it may very well be time to upgrade folks!

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