Friday, December 3, 2021

Apple Introduces New Airpods Pro With Magsafe Charging

Enclosed Airpods Case
Apple this Fall introduced an ever so slightly updated version of its wildly popular Airpods Pro that were first introduced in late 2019. While the feature set and overall physical form factor has not changed, the core is touting a new Magsafe charging case that allows your AirPods Pro case and earbuds to be charged using any currently available Magsafe charging puck. But let's not kid one another. The 2019 AirPods Pro storage charging case was always Qi wireless charging compatible. Adding Magsafe charging (a
sort of magnetic charging puck) a feature Apple introduced in 2020 on the iPhone 12 line and carried over to the recently launched iPhone 13 line of iPhones is not much of a leap. But an update is an update. Airpods Pro are still the best wireless earbuds with noise cancellation and Siri that money can buy. At $249 MSRP, (actually retailing for much less) this makes a great gift for anyone that loves listening to music and wants to take calls privately. The bluetooth connectivity makes for a versatile connection to any bluetooth enabled audio or communication device. Inserting the earbuds into the magsafe charging case charges the earbuds even while the case is not on the charger, and can do so multiple times. Apple says you can get four to five hours of enjoyment on a single charge. But that of course all depends on your usage, connection quality, and volume. Nevertheless, you'll be rocking out cord and wire free to your favorite jams for an extended period of time before you need to recharge them. The in-ear fit and finish is better than most other wireless earbuds available from other manufacturers. Inserting and removing the Airpods Pro from your ears is simply and are quite comfortable when choosing one of three different sized silicone tips.
The bottom line? Magsafe AirPods Pro are a hit! If you haven't tried them, what are you waiting for?