Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Day Closer To Launch-3G iPhone aBuzz

Unlike last year when the iPhone launch hype was non-stop and everywhere you turned, be it on TV, Radio, Internet, email, or Newspaper, this years encore has proven to be a bit more tame. But the build up to the imminent launch is nonetheless something that techies simply cannot ignore. As we inch closer to the bewitching hour of 8am Friday, more details, more hype, more information both old and new continues to emanate from Apple, AT&T, and more importantly, anonymous tipsters who may or may not work for them. By now everyone knows most of the drill. But as the launch inches closer, we can't help but add to the hype. Here are some key developments on the iPhone 3G from the days news.

  • It would appear that several websites have posted unboxing, one particular BoyGeniusReport has posted a complete series of unboxing photos showing the 3G iPhone in hand as you would buy it from a store on Friday. No surprises there.
  • Rogers Wireless of Canada back-peddled on its very limited and outrageously expensive data plans to offer a 6Gb data plan for $30 Canadian per month. This should be enough for most users and is almost considered unlimited given that the likes of Verizon impose a 5Gb data-download limit on its so called unlimited data plan.
  • It's confirmed that unlike many other international wireless carriers, there is plenty of supply for most Apple and AT&T outlets across the U.S. Fears that the 16Gb white 3G iPhone would not be available at launch have been dispelled. Some carriers across the pond who offered pre-sales have declared themselves sold-out and have stopped taking orders for now.
  • First generation iPhone owners who managed to get their hands on the 2.0 iPhone firmware beta that was seeded to developers recently and used it to upgrade their iPhones are now reporting for the first time that they are receiving thier email via push from thier respective dot Mac (soon to be MobileMe) accounts. The last so called 2.0 beta firmware seeded to developers is supposedly the same firmware that will be on the new 3G iphone.
  • According to several reliable sources, it would appear that the Apple iPhone Apps store will launch around noon Thursday, a full day ahead of the launch. This is supposedly to accomodate the overseas launches in time zones that are way ahead of the United States who will be selling the iPhone at 12:01 local time which is as early as 12:01pm US time in some countries.
  • MobileMe/dotMac is now down for the previously announced upgrades/updates that will finally provide the promised functionality for push email, push contact, push calendar, over the air synchronization for subscribers of the service.
  • Itunes 7.7 and firmware 2.0 for iPhone 1.1.4 owners and iTouch owners should also be available by noon tomorrow if not sooner, again to accomodate overseas market users who will need these updates to take advantage of the new App store and other 2.0 features.
  • More updates will be posted here as they develop. Stay tuned.

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