Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apple App Store-Itunes 7.7 & iPhone Firmware 2.0 & MobileMe

The Apple iPhone 3G saga continues as Mr. Jobs & Co. continue to push the envelope and create an atmosphere of hype and buzz around the world with the launch of the 3G iPhone less than 24 hours away from being launched here in the U.S., and less than six hours away in countries as far away as New Zealand where it is already Friday Morning and the first 3G iPhone will begin selling in less than six hours. In anticipation of this, Apple has had a busy night pushing updates and software updates out its virtual doors to coincide with the ensuing launch madness. First out is the newest version of iTunes, now version 7.7 to accommodate the other big launch--the Apple iPhone/iTouch App store which finally allows regular users to download Apple sanctioned applications to their iPhones and iTouch music players. Already live in the iTunes store once you have updated to iTunes 7.7. So far there are plenty of apps to get excited about such as a native AIM client for mobile chat instant messaging, Twitterific, a Twitter client, a previously demonstrated Ebay Mobile search and bid app, and most anticipated and widely appealing, an app that allows you to use your iPhone/iTouch to control your iTunes library from a remote location, view your iTunes library, control AirTunes speakers, and see album artwork on your screen. All these apps are free downloads, with plenty of other apps available for free as well as at a nominal cost. iPhone Firmware 2.0 has been seeded and available for download to allow iPhone 1.0 users to upgrade to 2.0 so they can take advantage of the new apps and features, including MS exchange push email, contacts and calendars. Lastly, MobileMe is now officially online and running (down at the moment) and dotMac is now history. An update for MobileMe has also been seeded for subscribers to download to their Mac computers. We'll provide more info on MobileMe once its back up and running. And of course more iPhone 3G updates as they happen all day long--so come on back folks!

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