Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Million 3G iPhones Sold & None Available

If you were one of the naysayers who was sure the iPhone 3G would never sell out and decided to dodge the long lines, ridiculous crowds, and six hour waits figuring the iPhone would be available by walking into a store once the hype died down, your procrastination had not paid off and will now delay your purchase perhaps a few weeks. In less than ten days after the infamous launch, the iPhone 3g is sold out...everywhere. AT&T Wireless stores were obviously the first to run short. Now a check of 38 Apple stores shows almost every store to be sold out of all models. 8Gb Black? None. 16Gb White? Nope. 16Gb Black? Forgetaboutit! No one including Apple anticipated the worldwide demand and now everyone is scrambling to figure out how to get the Jesus phone back in the pipeline while demand for it is still hot. A search on Ebay also confirms fewer buy-it-now 3G iPhone offerings with prices for 16Gb units going for a minimum of $800--OUCH! The 16Gb Black iPhone appears to be the most popular model. As of the past weekend, lines at Apple stores still existed with waits reported to be in excess of four hours. Its almost a forgone conclusion that Apple is ramping up production to meet demand, but for some its a bit too little too late.

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