Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heavyweights Weigh In On iPhone 3G-Worth The Wait!

The iPhone 3G is less than three days away from its anticipated launch on Friday, and the three of the most respected and read national technology columnists have posted their take on the latest marvel coming out of Cupertino. The Grand Pooba Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, David Pogue of the New York Times, and Edward Baig of USA Today all have had 3G iPhones for the past couple weeks to evaluate extensively and write reviews for their respective publications for their Wednesday editions. All three reviews pretty much give the iPhone 3G a respectable two thumbs up when it comes to the features that set this version apart from its older sibling that launched last year. 3G appears to live up to its speed improvement hype according to all three, GPS is said to be very accurate, and audio output appears to be substantially improved over the original iPhone. Other positive comments include a better feel in the hand given the new curved back, excellent 3G data download speeds as well as much better voice quality, and new MS Powerpoint support. Amongst the common complaints were inferior battery life compared to the first generation iPhone (mostly attributed to the power hungry 3G radio), the lack of no cut-copy-paste function, no stereo Bluetooth audio, or a memory card slot. Complaints about the lack of voice dialing, MMS and video recording were also pointed out in the reviews, however it is widely believed that these shortcomings will be addressed via third party Apps that the Apple iPhone App store will provide come Friday when the iPhone is launched. Overall, the three reviewers gave the iPhone 3G their blessing for first time iPhone buyers and upgraders who want faster internet speeds via 3G and/or GPS functionality. You can find the full articles at WSJ.com for the Walt Mossberg review, New York Times for the review by David Pogue and USA Today for the review by Edward Baig.

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