Monday, July 7, 2008

GMail Offers New Security Feature-Remote Log Out

Google's popular web based email service GMail today launched a rather useful and neat new feature for users who check or sign into their GMail email account from multiple PC's. Dubbed the remote signout, this new security feature allows you to see the IP (internet protocol) address of each computer that is currently signed into your GMail account. It will also identify if the connection came from a Mobile device, accessed via a POP client, or logged in directly thru an internet browser. This feature not only allows you to detect unauthorized access or log-ins, but it also allows you to remotely log out any PC from a remote location if you ever have a need to do so (in case you forgot to log out of GMail after using a public computer). Google is rolling this feature out as we write this to GMail users who use Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. You can access the feature by scrolling down to the bottom of the Inbox page right below line that tells you what percentage of your GMail capacity you are currently using. If you don't see the link then this feature has not yet been added to your account yet. You can read the details and see more of this on the GMail Blog.

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