Sunday, July 6, 2008

MacBook Air SSD Gets A $500 Price Cut

Apple Computer quietly dropped the price of its Solid State Drive (SSD) Macbook Air models on Friday July 4, 2008 by a substantial $500 bringing down the price that much closer to its traditional mechanical hard drive equipped counterpart. The 64Gb SSD equipped models have long been price about $1,000 higher than the models equipped with the somewhat larger 80Gb 1.8" 4200RPM drives. While the 80Gb Macbook Air still sells for the same $1,799, the same model now costs a cool $2,299. SSD drives have obvious speed advantages since they operate with no moving parts, but a recent test done by Tom's Hardware website to compare battery rundown times dispelled any notion that the SSD helped with battery life or prolonged it when compared to a mechanical hard disk drive. Apple notified customers with pending Macbook Air orders that included an SSD to anticipate an adjustment to the final price once the product ships. Given that Apple has a 14 day return policy, anyone who has bought one of the SSD models and are still in that two week period should sprint over to the nearest Apple retailer and kindly request an adjustment. While you're at it, we're sure that Apple won't mind if you take some time to browse more of its overpriced offerings and leave that small chunk of change right where its at. Online and phone orders should call Apple customer service pronto to see some green credited back to their plastic.

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