Sunday, July 6, 2008

RIM Blackberry Bold 9000 Street Date Announced

It looks like Research In Motion's (RIM) next big splash won't be happening stateside when it debuts. Word is that the much anticipated Blackberry Bold 9000 will be surfacing in Germany on July 21 on T-Mobile Germany for 500 Euros ($850 US) and in Canada on July 25, 2008 on Rogers Wireless, Canada's largest wireless carrier. The Blackberry Bold is RIM's next generation full size Blackberry that will have the latest cutting edge technology built in including a new larger keypad, 802.11 WiFi, 3G HSDPA wireless, Bluetooth, as well as a GPS chip for location based maps and services. In addition, the Blackberry bold will have the latest 2.5 OS which allow for full graphics HTML email and this Blackberry will sport a two megapixel camera that will take both pictures and videos. This will be the first Blackberry to ever integrate WiFi, 3G HSDPA, Camera, and GPS in one complete package. Although AT&T Wireless will be the first U.S. carrier to launch the bold sometime this Summer, it was widely rumored that the launch will occur sometime in August 2008, although reports of a launch delays due to poor battery life and other field testing issues may push back the U.S. Bold launch until AT&T is satisfied with the new RIM offering. See ya in Toronto mate!

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