Friday, May 2, 2014

Amazon Throwing It's Hat Into The Smartphone Ring-Thinks It Can Do it Better

The smartphone landscape will soon change once again (if ever so slightly if rivals have any say) when online retail giant Amazon throws it's hat into the ring with it's own offering of a smartphone to challenge rivals Apple, Google, and Microsoft in whats now a crowded arena of mobile devices. Amazon has made it clear that it won't stand by as rivals introduced tablets like the iPad and the Nexus by launching the successful low cost Kindle Fire line of tablets that focus on Amazon products and services as well as the standard tablet functions. Amazon has long thought to be planning to offer a smartphone so not to cede the market to rivals as mobile becomes the holy grail of internet connectivity. The image shown here is said to be an authentic depiction of the upcoming Amazon smartphone as presented by website BGR. The 4.7" smartphone is said to have a quad-core processor, 2Gb of Ram, 720p resolution screen, an unprecedented six individual camera modules (for 3D features), and and highly customized version of Android. Amazon is expected to announce the their offering sometime next month and to launch sometime in the third quarter of the year. Samsung last month launched it's latest flagship Galaxy S5 to a lukewarm reception given it's lack of change in design and features. Apple on the other hand is preparing to introduce the iPhone6 sometime this September, with analysts expecting a major form-factor change that includes a larger 4.7" screen, thinner bezel and lighter weight. HTC also upped the ante in the smartphone competition by updating it's flagship all metal body HTC One in April and it too has raised the bar for rivals including market leader Samsung. Is there room for another smartphone given the slowing of smartphone sales as markets mature and become saturated? Time will tell. Some are expecting Amazon to offer a service called "Prime Data" with their smartphone. It is unknown what this service will provide, but no doubt it has something to do with it's popular Prime shipping and video subscription service. We shall know all next month Kids!

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