Thursday, May 15, 2014

Save A Little Money Or Maybe Save Your Life: A Comparison Of Two iPad Power Adapters

The old cliche' "You get what you pay for" is one that I've always lived by. Sure there are a few exceptions, but when it comes to comparing two iPad power adapters, it doesn't pay to mess with cheap knockoffs or imitations. Apple's iPad power adapter costs roughly $19. The cheap knockoffs can be as low as $3.  That is quite an attractive price difference. That's not to say that the Apple designed and manufactured adapter isn't a bit over priced at $19, but you know that Apple isn't gonna gamble with your life and use sub-par parts or cut corners when it comes to one of the most important accessories bundled with the coveted and award-winning iPad.  A Chinese woman actually was killed when she used a cheap knockoff iPhone power adapter to charge her Apple iPhone.  After she plugged her phone in, she received an electrical shock that proved to be fatal.  Take a close look at the two power adapters in the pictures.  They appear almost identical.  That is, until you look closely at the components inside. The genuine Apple adapter on the left is clearly built with quality parts and workmanship, whereas the Chinese knock-off looks like a cheap imitation. Sure most of Apple's manufacturing is done in China, but the difference is that Apple has strict quality control and standards it's manufacturing facilities must adhere to when they agree to build products for the tech giant.  And when you're dealing with a $300-$900 iPad, combined with a device that handles 110-220 volts, it's never a good idea to be penny wise and pound foolish. Your life and your device are worth allot more than the savings Kids! Remember, the allure of a good price quickly fades once the sub-par quality of the product rears it's ugly head.  If you'd like to see an in-depth report, Tech Writer Ken Shirriff has done an extensive teardown and analysis of these two power adapters.

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