Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time To Stop Using Internet Explorer

URGENT! If you're still living in the 90's and your primary browser remains Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) LISTEN UP: STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY!!!! IE creator Microsoft (MS) yesterday revealed that a serious security bug with IE versions 6 through 11 that allows hackers to take complete control of you PC or Laptop when using what is now considered the worst internet browser available. And if you're still stuck on Windows XP, this bug is infinitely worse since MS abandoned support for the decade old Operating System last month. Using IE to access banking and or financial sites right now could have serious consequences for you if you visit and log into those sites using IE. Your best bet is to download and install Google's superior browser Chrome, Apple's Safari, or Mozilla's Firefox browser and use them instead IMMEDIATELY. You should be using one of these browsers anyway. PLEASE SHARE THIS post as this is as serious as any bug to come along until MS patches this serious security bug that has dire consequences for users who only know IE.

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