Monday, May 12, 2014

iStick Is A Great Solution for iOS Users Who Never Have Enough Storage On The Go

How many times have you wished that your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) had just a little more memory or storage for that last video or picture you wanted to take? Only to do so, you had to delete some of your older precious pics or videos to save something new. 16Gb of storage will only take you so far and runs out fast. As for myself, 64Gb on my Apple iPhone 5S and 128Gb on my iPad Air or iPad Mini never seems to be enough. Enter the iStick. A new  Kickstarter project that changes all that.  The iStick is a revolutionary twist on a common product we all use and love--the USB flash drive. So whats the twist you ask? What makes this a unique product is that this is a dual function device that lets you plug it into your PC, Mac or iOS device using the USB interface. Moving the slider, you choose either a lightning interface that plugs into your iOS device or a USB plug that works with most any PC, Mac, or laptop. You can download music, pictures, or videos from your PC or Mac and later watch or listen to them on your iOS device. You don't even have to offload them, just stream directly from the device as it is plugged in your iOS device.  Or vice versa, you offload your pictures or videos from your iOS device for backup or to save to your PC later. You can pledge various amounts on Kickstarter for an iStick of 8GB capacity for only $65, or go all the way up to a 128Gb for $199. The project is already fully funded so it's definitely a go. The team that came up with the iStick concept has been working on this for over three years so they are just about good to go once the funding campaign concludes mid June. Head over to the Kickstarter page to see how you can be the first to get one Kids!

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