Tuesday, December 9, 2014

T-Mobile Is Up To Some New "UnCarrier" Tricks Offering A 2-Line Unlimited Everything Plan for $100 or 3-Lines for $140

‪#‎TMobile‬ is upping the ante' in the wireless games as it will launch it's best Family plan ever Wednesday December 10, 2014.  2-Lines with Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and Unlimited 4G LTE Data. $100. 3-Lines $140. Additional lines 4-10 are just $40 Each. Five lines are $220. Wow!

Just in time for the holidays, and for as low as $44 per line when you activate Five lines, you get the nations fastest and most advanced 4G LTE network, nationwide unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited 4G LTE Data including up to 5Gb of data tethering for your tablet or laptop every month on each line. Plus, you'll also get FREE unlimited WiFi calling, FREE unlimited Rhapsody UnRadio music streaming (a service similar to Pandora Premium). 

Want more? How about Free Data Roaming and texting in over 120+ countries, FREE Wifi calling from anywhere in the world to call back to the USA from any country in the world. FREE texting aboard any GoGo Inflight equipped flight, and FREE International texting from the USA? Not enough to convince you?
Did I mention there are NO CONTRACTS, NO OVERAGES,  and NO METERING? And They'll even pay your early termination fee (ETF) up to $350 per line for up to five lines from any carrier just to get you to switch. Need a new  smartphone? They'll even sell you one of the latest and greatest available today like the Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Google Nexus 6, or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for ZERO down and give you 24 months to pay for it. They won't even charge you a DIME of interest. Already have a phone? No problem! They'll give you a sim card and off you go. Only catch? Leave before you payoff your phone and you have to payoff your EIP (finance) plan. Thats fair right?

Sound like a great offer? You betcha it is.  Already AT&T and Verizon are warning analysts about lower margins and higher churn this quarter. This thanks to healthy competition from the likes of Magenta. It's no wonder T-Mobile USA is poised to become the third largest carrier in the USA by years end, replacing Sprint--which continues to hemorrhage subscribers. T-Mobile CEO John Legere said it best: We're not gonna rest till the industry changes. You can bet they are paying close attention and losing sleep Kids!

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